Patented Technology

(Intellectual Property)

Existing approaches to producing cannabis nanometric powders are largely based on proprietary developed and generally established technologies which absorb oil into existing solid particles. At present, there is no established market leader in the development of products from cannabis powders and no evidence to date that any individual company has achieved any real market penetration.

Patent applications have been submitted in Israel for our unique platform technology and there are a clear patent and IP protection methodology to obtain worldwide protection based on CannaPowder’s exclusive license agreement with other companies.

The technology involves the use of a Nanometric powder formulation comprising a cannabinoid oil and other materials which are dispersed in water controlled by several repeatable parameters. The oil concentration can be increased or decreased in the process and can include permeation enhancers for increasing bioavailability. In addition, it can be formulated in various pharmaceutical delivery systems such as capsules, tablets, creams, and aqueous dispersions.

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