Applications of
Cannabis Activated Nanometric Powder

There is an increasing recognition amongst medical professionals conducting research in hospitals, including leading hospitals in Israel such as The Hebrew University and Sheba Academic Medical Center, that the therapeutic effect of cannabis is a function of various compounds working together, aka the Entourage Effect. There is a scientific effort currently being conducted in Israel and other countries, to analyze and understand how the various components within cannabis
work, all together and in various combinations, for use in treatment of different medical conditions.

The ability to create powders with consistent quality and composition substantially increases the commercial viability of cannabis within the pharmaceutical, supplement, edible and cosmetics industries.
Subject to applicable laws and regulations in the U.S. and other cannabis and hemp friendly markets, CannaPowder will seek to work with pharmaceutical companies on the joint development and manufacture of commercial cannabinoidcentric drugs for the treatment of a long list of medical conditions and a wide variety of applications, including:


Create products with consistent quality and a broad range of delivery mechanisms.
The powders may be utilized for many different insoluble drugs to provide enhanced dissolution properties and to improve solubility, bioavailability and storage properties.


CannaPowder’s nanometric powders increase the efficacy of formulations, reduce the volume of cannabinoids needed and therefore decreasing the cost of goods for products like chocolate, hard candy, gummies, coffee and tea, gummies, and baked good, among others.

Beauty and Wellness

Cannabinoids, most notably CBD, are increasingly being incorporated in consumers’ daily routines – from cosmetics and skin care to supplements to sports recovery and moisturizing. Nanopowder particles are small enough to penetrate the skin or be absorbed by the gastrointestinal system.